The Spring Student 2015 Directed One-Acts

Coming up this weekend the Evergreen High School Theatre presents the Spring 2015 Student Directed One-Acts!

On May 1st and May 2nd at 7pm, come to Evergreen High School to see the result of the student's hard work. We will have 8 different shows to present to you, all directed and cast by the students. The shows that will be shown are:

1. Can I Have Your Number?
2. Snitch Game
3. The Quiz
4. Mein Herr (From Cabaret)
5. Summer Lovin' (From Grease)
6. Sleep Talk
7. Anything You Can Do (From Annie Get Your Gun)
8. Born to Hand Jive (From Grease)

Join us for a great night of fun theatre!


To all the students, parents, and supporters of the EHS Theater Department-

Remember this as we go on: "Be kind to one another."