Student Directed One-Acts

This season's Student Directed One-Acts are coming up! There will be 6 shows this year! To find out if you or someone you know has been cast in one of them, check out the cast blog!

Musical Theatre All-Stars

The musical theatre All-Stars have been cast! Go read the cast blog to find out if you or someone you know has been cast as a part of this fantastic group of triple-threats!

Earlier this season…

The Investigation

"The Investigation is a dramatic reconstruction of the Frankfurt War Crimes trials, based on the actual evidence given. This testimony, concerning Auschwitz and the atrocities which were enacted there, has been edited and extracted by Peter Weiss into a dramatic document that relies solely and completely on the facts for its effectiveness. Nameless witnesses stand and recall their appalling memories of Auschwitz, allowing us to bear witness to their painful and painstaking search for truth and, ultimately, justice. What emerges is a chastening and purging documentary of deeply moving power."